Custom Shoe Business Consulting

From Concept to Retail

If you have an idea for a shoe design and your goal is to take that design to the market plus sell it, then we can help you!

I got started in this business because I tore some ligaments in my left knee, and existing shoes on the market didn’t help me with my shoes rubbing up and down on my achilles tendon. So I started designing shoes and quickly found out nobody would help me with the production part of getting the shoes made to my specifications. Now, I have spent 30+ years working with factories in Europe, Asia, Mexico plus here in the United States, getting my products and products for others made to their exact specifications. I can do the same for you!

I have made exotic leather products like handbags designed to look like Birkin or Hermes bags but made in Mexico at reasonable prices from genuine exotic leather imported into Mexico from Indonesia. These were not knockoffs, just styles that looked like the more expensive ones and made with high quality materials plus craftsmanship like those found in Italy but offered at a more reasonable price. We also made exotic skin sandals and shipped those around the world.

Nowadays, embossed leather with exotic leather prints on its surface, looks as authentic as the real leather from exotic animal hides themselves. Also, with this embossed leather you don’t have to worry about the needs for CITIE’s registration obligations in getting Import and Export permits with the US Fish and Wildlife department or other governments around the world. BTY, we only use embossed leather in our current PFS collections.

We can help you get your website developed, footwear sourced/produced and shipped to the landing location of your choice. You just have to sell them, we will do all the rest!


Custom Footwear Design

We are happy to collaborate with others on helping them design footwear which achieves specific functions desired by them for medical, sporting or fashionable purposes. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will help you design footwear that solves your needs.

Business & Logistics

We can help you determine where you should have your production made for your footwear needs. Plus we can help you get pricing information for your product and shipping options for your logistical needs in getting your footwear shipped or sourced around the world.

Sourcing & Production

If you desire to get your designs produced at higher quality factories then we can help you source your footwear needs in Europe or Mexico. When sourcing footwear, everything starts with the making of a sample pair of shoes for costing estimates and then we can get production time guarantees based upon your production requirements. Please just send us a brief description of what you need and we can start a dialogue that will ultimately see you getting your production made at factories that will make you proud of your finished product(s).

Start A Project

Work with Perfect Fitting Shoes Founder Jim Ross to develop your footwear brand and product line.

Previous Projects

Creating AquaTeck Sandals – Part 1

This is the introductory video to the three-part series of “Creating AquaTeck Sandals”. These videos tell about my entrepreneurial travels as I went about trying to grow this company from a startup business to a brand sponsoring a runner at the Seattle Marathon. This video talks about finding the sandals down to Mexico and deciding to move from Chicago to Los Angeles so that I could grow my sandal sales at Venice Beach and the Costa Mesa swap meet.

Creating AquaTeck Sandals – Part 2

This is the second video to the three-part series of “Creating AquaTeck Sandals”. this video covers my trip going down to Mexico being stuck there without money to pay for an order that my partner guarantee payment. I ended up having to go to Puerto Vallarta to sell these sandals.

Creating AquaTeck Sandals – Part 3

This is the third and final video to the three-part series of “Creating AquaTeck Sandals”. This video covers the time that I was in Puerto Vallarta making my sales trying to stay out of the way from legal authorities who were trying to keep entrepreneurs like me from selling on the street. I ended up paying back the factory 100% for the order that they made for us then I went back to the United States to deal with my ex-partner. By the way the thumbnail photo is of the old store Gutierrez Rizo as it was being torn down for new development.

Angel Saints & Sinners

Here is a video showing a past project that I was involved in where I had a handbag factory make some different types of bag samples for a woman who owned the company Angel, Saints and Sinners. I started working on the project on Dec. 12, 2007 and we made 6 samples for her within a few days. But ultimately the client was underfunded and had a hard time paying her bills on time for completed work so the factory had to stop producing her line for her on May 8, 2008.

Artisian de Lux

Here is another video showing work that I did on a project making motorcycle boots for an Italian company that owned the brand Artisian de Lux. We made 192 production pairs of boots for this company within three months of receiving the original boot that we were to copy. The broker was happy with our results so he gave me additional clients to make their line of boots, belts and source exotic leather.

Schott of NYC

I had the pleasure of sourcing some exotic leather hides for the French brand Schott of NYC. I sent 19 Python hides (54.8 meters) and 12 Cobra hides in the first shipment to a Pakistan factory that was making their 2011-12 Motorcycle jacket collection. And followed up the first order with a larger second shipment of 46 Python hides (140 meters) that we sent to the same factory in Pakistan. The biggest problem with this project was the time needed to get the proper legal shipping documents from the Mexican government so that there would not be any problems with the shipment crossing from Mexico to Pakistan.