One of our early testers “Josh” is forced to wear shoes that have different sizes due to a medical need of wearing an AFO brace on his left leg to help him walk correctly during the day. When I first met him he was wearing a size 7-EEEE New Balance shoe on his left foot to accommodate his foot brace that is needed for his left leg, but he was wearing a size 5.5 medium Champion shoe on his right foot. I told him about my shoes and he agreed to try on my early model “Walking Shoe” in a size 7 Medium. We were able to fit his left foot with the brace on his foot inside the left side of the size 7 shoe and fit his right foot into the right side of the size 7 shoe. He was able to walk with one pair of size 7 Perfect Fitting Walking Shoes on both feet. Unfortunately, we are not currently offering this model for sale at this time but as soon as we can, we will update the styling and offer it to our customers in a follow up collection from Perfect Fitting Shoes.