The Search for Perfect Fitting Shoes

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Get the Perfect Fit All Day Long!

Our revolutionary adjustable shoes provide a snug fit as your feet swell throughout the day. Perfect for medical/injury requirements and natural foot size variations.

Adjustable Ankle Loop

Snugs the heel to your foot

Elastic Laces

Stretches with your foot all day

Removable Insoles

Easily replace with your orthotics insoles

Meet Matrix 1

Adjustable Low-Cut Walking Shoe

We designed the Matrix-1 with a snug fit around the ankle for those who like to feel their shoe close-fitting against their skin much like a glove would on your hand.

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Matrix 2

Adjustable Low-Cut Slip-On Shoe

We designed the Matrix-2 with a wider ankle opening allowing for a looser fit around the ankle for those who like to have lots of space inside the shoe so that they are easier to take off or put on their feet, much like a slipper!

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Matrix 3

Adjustable Mid-Top Lace-Up Ankle Shoe

We designed the Matrix-3 with an over the ankle upper that hugs the foot especially around the ankle for those who like to have better support from their shoes. This added support provides a great fit all day long and with the elastic cord these shoes are very easy to slip on and off a wearer’s foot!

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Adjustable Shoes

Engineered Comfort with Exotic Style

At Perfect Fitting Shoes, we strive to design and make shoes that are as adjustable for the wearer as possible. This allows the customer the opportunity to adjust the fit of their shoes throughout the day in order to help keep their feet as comfortable as they possibly can all day long! Our shoes are engineered with comfort in mind while keeping the models stylish by using high-quality materials with fine craftsmanship. We make footwear that is as functional as they are fun to wear for Men, Women and Children.

We have additional designs that we will be introducing to the marketplace based upon different engineering concepts than the ones we offer in our Matrix line of shoes. In the near future we will offer designs that include fashionable High Heel shoes, lightweight Golf Shoes and a line of high performance Sport Shoes that includes a High-Top Basketball shoe which provides a superior fit to other models on the market. This line of PFS Sport Shoes will help women with their narrow heels and the body changes that they go through when they are pregnant with a child by allowing them to adjust the fit of their shoes in a 3-dimensional manner.


New Ideas For Women’s High Heel Shoes

Women are you tired of wearing shoes too big for your feet? Drawings of new designs that we will be offering later this year. With the functional adjustable heel strap these shoes will allow the wearer the opportunity to comfortably fit the front of their feet to...

Benefits Of Perfect Fitting Shoes

CONSUMERS: Perfect Fitting Shoes can be designed into any style of shoes/boots for Men, Women and Children. Perfect Fitting Shoes provides the best fitting shoes that can be adjusted to each wearer's comfort desire at any moment of the day better than they could if...