Matrix 2 – Lemon Leopard (Women’s)

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Adjustable Women’s Low-Cut Slip-On Shoes

Our Perfect Fitting Matrix 2 shoe is made from Flotter, Suede and Nappa Leather. The soles are made from EVA so they are very light weight providing great fitting shoes for your feet! Includes 2 different thickness insoles to allow our customers the opportunity to get the perfect fit of the shoes for their feet. The shoes have elastic cords for laces allowing the customer to get a snug and firm fit without making the shoes too tight!

  • Adjustable Ankle Loop
  • Removable Insoles
  • 2 Sets of Quality Insoles Included!
  • Perfect Fit All Day Long!

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Matrix 2 – Lemon Leopard (Women’s)

Matrix 2 – Lemon Leopard

We designed the Matrix-2 with a wider ankle opening allowing for a looser fit around the ankle for those who like to have lots of space inside the shoe so that they are easier to take off or put on their feet, much like a slipper!

We provide each pair of new shoes with 2 removable cushioned insoles which are made from a high density polyurethane foam that has antimicrobial agents embedded within the foam to protect against bad shoe odors caused by bacteria inside the shoes. These cushioned insoles are lined with microfiber for long-lasting wear. One of the insoles is 5 mm thick while the other is 2 mm thick. You have the option of using one or both insoles providing you with the opportunity to custom fit each shoe to the comfort of each foot.

We use very soft and supple embossed Python, Crocco or Leopard print leather for the primary part of the upper construction. We use Full Grain Nubuck and Nappa leather for trim pieces of the shoes. These embossed leather pieces allow for an exotic look without the challenges of working with endangered animal hides. All of the leather that we use is sourced from bovine hides which are byproducts of the food industry.

We make the shoes using a Strobel construction method allowing for a lightweight upper and flexible shoe. We also use single density blown EVA for the outsole which allows us to keep the total weight of the shoe very light. Around 12 ounces per shoe (average size) or 24 ounces per pair! But this is with both insoles included in the total weight of the shoe(s).

We designed a special padded collar to go around the top of the inside lining providing comfort to the wearer by allowing a better heel adjustable fit. We make the shoes using an elastic cord with a quick-release adjustable clip allowing the wearer an opportunity to quickly take the shoes off or put on their feet! We also provide each pair of shoes with a non-elastic cord for those who want more control over the adjustability of the shoe.

We use abrasion-resistant fabric that has antimicrobial agents within the fabric for the lining inside the shoes. This allows us to provide our customers with a durable and very comfortable lining for their long lasting shoes. All of our production is made at a factory in Portugal that has been committed to craftsmanship and quality for more than 30 years. We use double row stitching when connecting individual pieces together so each seam is long lasting and durable.

1 review for Matrix 2 - Lemon Leopard (Women's)

  1. Jamie R

    I got a pair of these Leopard Print Matrix 2 shoes from my dad. He wanted me to try them out for him since the first samples that he got from the factory in Portugal were not made in his shoe size and he needs honest reviews from people who wear them on a daily basis, so I wrote this review.

    These shoes are so comfortable on my feet!

    Initially, I used both the thin and thick insole inside both of my shoes when I wore my new shoes. But, after a few days I decided to just use the thick insole inside my left shoe which provided me with a better fit for my larger foot by giving me a little more room inside the left shoe without making it seem too big. I like the thought of being able to adjust the fit of my shoe by being able to switch out which insole(s) I use in each shoe due to being born with slightly different size feet.

    The only problem that I had with the shoes is that the original clip used to hold the shoe cords at their proper tension did not hold them tightly as I walked in the shoes during the day. The clips kept getting loose which did not hold the cords tight and this caused me to develop blisters on my feet as I walked in the shoes because the shoes slipped on my feet as I walked in them.. He saw my blisters then changed the clip to a different version that locks the cords in place without allowing the cord to loosen its fit on the shoe. So now, I have better fitting shoes that are more snug around my feet which do not cause anymore blisters!

    These shoes are awesome with the new clip!

    Jamie R.

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