Here is a photo of Meghan Markle wearing high heel pumps that are too big for her feet. It has been rumored that she does this because she doesn’t want to get blisters from wearing shoes with a firm and ungiving heel counter that will cause blisters after they rub on her heels.

But if she was wearing a pair of Perfect Fitting High Heel Pumps then she could wear her shoes knowing that she could adjust the heel strap to accommodate the amount of tightness that she wants to have around the back of her feet thus eliminating any concern of her getting blisters from wearing high heel shoes!

Here is a photo of Kim Kardashian wearing a pair of vinyl pumps while she was pregnant. Her feet were swollen due to the pregnancy and you can see her skin protruding out from the sides of the shoes plus the ankle strap. Swollen feet affect most pregnant women sometimes more during their first pregnancy than later pregnancies but wearing high heel shoes during pregnancies can be problematic for women who want to look stylish during this time.

Here is another photo showing her wearing a pair of cross strap sandals that she wore while she was pregnant. You can see the imprints from the straps that were binding into her skin while she was wearing the shoes. I am sure she felt a great sigh of relief when she took off the shoes and gave her feet a rest from being bound so tight while she was wearing them. I bet they were not as tight when she first put them on her feet but after wearing them for a few hours her feet got really swollen due to her pregnancy.

But if she was wearing a pair of Perfect Fitting High Heel Shoes that were adjustable around her heel then she could wear the shoes all day long without having to rest her feet. This is possible since she could adjust the heel strap as her feet got swollen during the day which would allow her feet the opportunity to move back into the shoe thus releasing pressure on the front of the shoes including her toes and the sides of her feet while keeping the heels of her feet in their proper place inside the shoes.

Here we is a photo of Oprah Winfrey wearing a pair of strappy sandal pumps that has an open heel with an adjustable ankle strap. You can see a bunion on her right foot and typically a lot of women like these types of shoes because they can be more flattering on a woman’s foot when that woman has foot problems such as bunions, hammer toes or heel blisters. Women can use the adjustable ankle strap to help keep the high heel shoes on their feet while looking sexy and not matronly. I am sure that that bunion she has causes her a lot of pain so I tip my hat to her knowing that she suffers silently as she walks in those shoes all the while trying to look as good as she can for the event that she is attending!!

But if she was wearing a pair of Perfect Fitting High Heel Shoes with the adjustable heel strap she could get the foot support that she needs for her feet while looking stylish and feeling comfortable all day long as she wears the shoes. The model that you see here on the left is the first of many different variations that we will introduce for our first women’s high heel collection coming out in 2020.